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Palm Tree Trimming Vacation November 29, 2018

Well I finally decided to take a vacation from my palm tree trimming business here in Orange County.  Yes, I know that most people find that interesting as most normal folks take vacations regularly.  Living here in Newport Beach and being the sole owner of my palm tree trimming business I find it a bit difficult to leave my crew alone here in charge.  Actually, it’s my uncle and cousin who runs the business while I’m gone but that really doesn’t say much.
The one really good thing about going on vacation is that I’ve actually found a palm tree trimming business that is for sale down in Scottsdale where my wife and I are traveling to on vacation.  I have a lot to check in to in regards to owning a business in Arizona and I’m not too sure what the tax brackets look like there either.  Although, it would be pretty cool to own a palm tree trimming business in Scottsdale and fly back and forth to Orange County all the time on company dollars.  My wife and I would be totally golfing at some of the greatest courses in the United States.  I guess I’ll let the cards fall where they may.orange county palm tree trimming

So we departed from John Wayne Orange County airport in style by talking a beautiful stretch limo.  Wow, that airport was packed.  We did really luck out though and got a huge upgrade at the car rental agency.  Thrifty has always been good to us as they are partners with Southwest Airlines and we get like triple points.  Since we’re meeting a group of friends for some serious golf, the huge SUV will really make it nice so we can drive together.

Once we were checked in, we met up with our friends that were already there for a nice cool cocktail at the swim up bar.  So here is where everything got totally bizarre.  As we started out towards the pool area, we were escorted around a huge crew.  Yep, you guessed it….it was a palm tree trimming company trimming about 75 beautiful palm trees around the pool area.  How ironic is that.  I finally made it to the bar and was met by 3 other couples that were already there.  We enjoyed some freshly made fruity cocktails and had some great conversation.  I just couldn’t stop watching the palm tree trimming company and wanted to go investigate.  I carefully walked towards what appeared to be the crew manager and started a conversation.  I asked him how long did they have this palm tree trimming account as it’s huge and I’m sure it has to be done several times per year.  Commercial pool’s typically do heavy maintenance when it comes to palm tree trimming so that it keeps the pool from having chemical issues.palm tree trimming orange county

So the head guy and I are chatting and I finally introduced myself and told him that I actually own a palm tree trimming business in Orange County.  When I asked him his name, it turns out that he is my contact for tomorrow’s meeting in regards to purchasing his palm tree trimming business.
When I told him who I was and that we actually had an appointment tomorrow morning he didn’t believe me.  I had to bust out one of my Orange County Palm Tree Pros business cards to prove it was me.  He was so shocked.
Anyway,  turns out that the guy has an awesome palm tree trimming team and they really did an excellent job.  I’m in negotiations with this guy as I think it’s going to be a great fit.  It’s kind of ironic that I want to branch out to Phoenix area and he wants to go back to Mexico and be with his elderly parents.  This truly is a bizarre world that we live in as no one seems to be happy where they are.

The next day after my meeting we all piled in our huge SUV and made it over to Lookout Mountain.  Let me just say that the golf is amazing there and the views are stunning.  The elevated tee boxes are to die for.  I’ve never golfed where I had to press a button after hitting the drive so the next group knew when to hit.  You can’t see if the group in front of you has hit there second ball or not.

I sure hope the purchase of this palm tree trimming company pans out as I love Scottsdale and the surrounding communities.  We’ll even have to start looking for a vacation home too if this goes through.

Well it’s always good to be home and sleep in my own bed.  One other thing I was craving was the great Mexican food over at Javier’s.  We even went there before getting home.  Great margaritas and guacamole.

I forgot to tell you if you ever want to learn how to play the ukulele, check out this article here.

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