Loving the Ukulele


So, you stumbled across my little tribute to the most awesome of instruments, the ukulele.  I know that’s a bold statement.  But it’s such a versatile and interesting instrument.

I was in Silver City Nevada and I came across some old timers that were sitting together at a park bench and one of them had a case that obviously contained a Uke.  I asked him about it and he told me that it was one of nine that he owned.  He also said it was his most expensive one too.

At the time, I had invested in my first.  I have a mid priced KALA that I have been learning on.  The old timer insisted that I play his Uke to see what I thought.  He pulled it out of the case and I got a surprise.  Here was this gorgeous Uke styled to look like an electric guitar.  It was beautiful.  My jaw dropped as I stared at it.  The old timer said, “and it sounds better than it looks.

He handed it to me and I immediately started to strum out some of my novice chords.  The sound was heavenly.  I was truly in awe of this instrument.

The old timer and his friends commended me on my smoothness in playing and gave me some words of encouragement.   As I gave him back his precious ukulele, he said something that I really appreciated, “once you pick up and really start working with a ukulele, you will never stop learning it and striving to learn new ways to play it”.

That’s where I am today.  Everyday, I grab my little Kala Uke and strum out some chords and attempt to advance my skills with it.  I crave the challenge.  Hopefully you will too.

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