My Ukulele is untouched since I moved in July November 6, 2016

Damn.  Two things I feel guilty about – not getting enough exercise and not getting in any practice time with my ukulele.  We moved to a new place at the end of July and I’ve been lacking in both.  I did however, pick up my camera and finally go out and try some HDR photography yesterday.  Cool stuff.

But seriously.  I’m never going to get good at it if I don’t get in some practice.  I can see why paying for lessons is more of a commitment and causes more follow-through.  But can’t you have commitment without investing money?  Maybe some other form of commitment or goals work without the fear of loss being tied to them.  I know that I take risks all the time.  Hell, in business, I put time, money, and my reputation at risk practically every day.

So do I need some sort of risk/reward for learning ukulele or getting myself to the gym?  My health coach says that my workouts increase my dopamine levels and make me feel better.  Is that what can fuel me?

I just don’t know.  I’ve been working to launch a new business in Sacramento.  It’s a hood cleaning company.  I put money on the table to do this.  I think Sacramento is a small market – but there should be enough business to make someone a comfortable living.

Here’s a cool video that we did to get some attention for it. Hope you laugh.



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