Learning the Ukulele

Learning the Ukulele March 27, 2016

For me, learning the ukulele has started slowly.  Mainly because I have no previous musical experience at all.  Really.  My parents did not require me to learn an instrument in school.  I never really had much desire for it either. Until now.

So, I bought my first ukulele.  It’s a mid-priced Kala.  I really love practicing with it and I need to step up my efforts with it.  I have been kind of stuck at one level with it for several months.  But I am caught in what I refer to as “four chord hell”.  I think it is time for me to find someone to instruct me and help me get more music theory under my belt.

So, I’m looking for someone to help me learn to play the ukulele. Or get my playing to the next level.  Ideas?



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