Learning the Ukulele July 13, 2016

I have to admit, I am sucking at learning the Ukulele.  Last week I wanted to put mine on Craigslist and sell it.  Just so I would not see it in my house and be reminded how much I would like to learn to play it, yet am not taking the time to play it.

I have so many projects on my desk!  I am building out new websites from here to frickin’ Texas.  Crazy?  And why Texas?  All of a sudden 30% of my business is in Houston, Austin, or San Antonio.  But, the cool thing is that it gives me the opportunity to meet new and interesting people like Michael Bunga in Austin, or this new guy that does mobile computer repair Austin .  I guess I have to forgo the ukulele for now.  As a good friend of mine always says “don’t get mad atcha money!”

I would be happy if I could learn to do songs like this, but on the ukulele:



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